Collections inspired by the curious.

A mutual love & respect for design. This is what motivated Maria Caruso and Allison Wolfe to create Motley Collections. While it started as a simple, collaborative brand for our BFA exhibition, Motley has now evolved into a small business between two good friends. The purpose of the brand is simple: to create, inspire & make a motley collection of things we love. We live with passion and curiosity, both of which have become driving forces in our work.

Motley is more than just jewelry. It is our creative outlet that allows us to have a unique voice in this industry. We find so much joy in documenting what inspires us, but it is even more gratifying to share our findings in hopes of inspiring others.

We are currently working on our SPRING 2016 line! 



The Lure Collection is a labor of love and nostalgia. Inspired by the texture, colors & unconventional nature of fly fishing material, these pieces are meant for those who see beauty in the unusual and possibility in the mundane. Each piece is limited edition and made-to-order, ensuring that it's as unique as the material that gave it life.


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